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NOVEMBER Akashic Toolkit

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Cheers, Beautiful Soul! ‚ú® Newly Updated Version

Every month on the Soul Driven Podcast, the Akashic Records channel through a monthly forecast outlining the energies and theme for the month ahead to empower and assist us in these times.

The monthly Akashic Toolkit was created to build upon the monthly theme as a supportive resource to revisit throughout the month to anchor you into the Akashic energy, bring you back to center, and guide you into alignment to be your fully empowered self.

NOVEMBER's Akashic Activation includes a powerful karmic clearing in the Akashic Records, Pendulum Alchemy, and deep Mother Earth grounding ūüĒ•

"When we invest in ourselves, the world benefits."

Each monthly toolkit includes:

  1. An audio file of the monthly Akashic Record Forecast. To revisit at least once a week to re-align with the theme and indulge in the healing energy of the Records
  2. A gorgeous workbook full of resources & tools suggested by the Records to assist in various ways, plus journaling prompts and other activities to deeply connect yourself with the monthly theme and bring it into fruition
  3. An Akashic Activation (audio file) channeled through the Akashic Records to anchor into the monthly theme, align energies to the highest timelines, and nurture healing from a soul level

*ALL content is channeled from the Akashic Records and therefore is subject to change each month

For questions, please email Ahna at ‚ú®

Thank you for supporting my work! Feel free to contact me to share feedback on this monthly Akashic Toolkit at ‚ú®


I've been using the Akashic Toolkits for 3 months now and I absolutely love them!

I loved the monthly Akashic Records Readings but never really took it further after listening once or twice. The toolkit allows me to dive deeper and take action to see what the message specifically has for me. 

Let me explain how I'm using the toolkit. First, I listen to the monthly reading. Sometimes I read the transcript in the toolkit along with it. In a few days, I will listen to the audio activation and let me say....this is my favorite part! The activations of the Ahna channels are pure gold. I receive so much guidance and messages from my spirit team during the activations. 

Over the following month, I will either listen or read the monthly reading again. I will listen to the activation again if I feel called to. I will journal for a bit after the reading using the journal prompts from the toolkit.  

The Akashic Monthly Toolkits have allowed me to work deeper into connecting with my soul and spirit team. I've gained clarity and confidence. I feel inspired and am buzzing with high energy most days. Keep the toolkits coming!

- Rebecca Myny

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NOVEMBER Akashic Record Forecast Audio, Toolkit Workbook & Resources & NOVEMBER Akashic Activation Recording

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NOVEMBER Akashic Toolkit

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